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Where it all started...

Hey! My name is Lauren Setterbo and I am the proud owner of this beautiful little business! Worthwrite Goods was founded in May 2017 with my dear friend Whitney. We built up the business and learned so much along the way. Mid 2020, I took over as sole operator of WWG and have since learned what it looks like to wear many hats. My husband, Ben, is definitely my "unofficial" business partner as he is my #1 supporter and helper. We have made mistakes, had great successes and in-general, loved growing this small business.
 At Worthwrite Goods, we have a few business principles that make-up the core of who we are and what we believe. We desire to provide the best possible customer service, always have integrity, confidence and humility in everything we do. But most importantly, we accredit our Savior Jesus Christ for any and all success this business may have, we are thankful and along for the ride.
This shop started with the idea of creating hand-illustrated wood cake toppers. Something people could have to elevate the beauty of their celebration AND keep as long as they like, as a keepsake of their special day. Since then, we have experimented with many different products, leading to the creation of our beautiful hand-illustrated map prints. This has become a highly sought after item and we love designing a product that holds so many special memories for our customers. Worthwrite is very specific in the calligraphers and illustrators we partner with, it is important for us to always team with other small-businesses, and we love to support our fellow female entrepreneurs! 
We are excited to announce that starting in 2022, Worthwrite Goods will be giving back 5% of all our profits to a charitable organization in our home-town of San Antonio, Tx.   
Image above thanks to the talented Jonathan Ivy Photography.