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Make Your Own Birthday Candle Set

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Choose candles to fit any birthday theme with this build your own set!

Pick any 12 colors!

Made with pure Canadian beeswax, these 4-inch birthday candles are the perfect touch for your celebration. Did you know that pure beeswax has no toxins or harmful ingredients, is eco-friendly and actually purifies the air when it burns! These candles have a soft, warm glow, a natural beeswax scent and when upright they won't drip all over your cake!

•  12 candle set
•  4" tall
•  20 minute burn time
•  Hand-dipped in Canada

COLOR OPTIONS (displayed left to right in second image):

White, Yellow, Bright Green, Tangerine, Light Pink, Bright Pink, Violet, Teal, Blue

Select your desired colors and quantities in the box above!

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